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This award is designed to recognize those who go above and beyond in ways that can’t be measured quantitatively. Someone who gives back to the community or perseveres through difficult head winds.

Q2 2017 Spirit Award recipient!
Mike Whitcanak

2017q2spiritmw_400Mike Whitcanak has been working hard in Davenport location since 2006.  Despite over 10 years of service to Biaggi’s, he is somewhat of a short timer in that kitchen with Dustin and Pat predating the majority of those working in the field.  As a sous chef he has worked hard to teach and maintain our standards for quite some time.  In Quarter 2, Mike lent his knowledge and support to both West Des Moines and Omaha.  He has made extended stays to both locations to help support a Sous chef maternity leave in West Des Moines and to help Omaha as they were rebuilding their BOH staffing.  Both of these stores sent back rave reviews of Mike and his efforts. In fact John Leiendecker even mentioned how, "Mike often thought like he did!".  Strong praise from an MP who was also one of our most respected Chef Partners.  As we finished out the Quarter, Mike volunteered to return to Omaha for another extended support stint, as Minh moves to our Rochester location.  Mike’s willingness to travel and his positive attitude has been much appreciated, and we have enjoyed watching him grow as he supports Biaggi’s! 


Mark Evoy
Area Director of Opperations 
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano

Each Quarter the Ops Team submit two candidates to the awards committee and the recipient is given $500.
This award can be won by the same individual in consecutive quarters.


Evansville Managing Partner, Sonya Burkhart
Makes a Difference in Guatemala

2017sonyaguat_400I recently had the pleasure to go to Guatemala with the JDShethFoundation in cooperation with Constru Casa. Both organizations have a mission of improving lives of the under served. Constru Casa has a focus in Guatemala, my friend Jamie through her foundation has raised funds and organized volunteer trips around the world with a focus on housing and improves education.

This year, 40 volunteers, from 8 states over 10 days built 5 houses and completed a school for visual and hearing disabled children. This project was started by the Guatemalan government 9 years ago and abandoned due to lack of funding. The Jdshethfoundation.org raised the funding, primarily through an Evansville company Pollux Solutions.

Stoves for the families for the houses were donated through myself and one of my friends, and our regular Thomasina White. I don't have words for how life changing a simple stove is for these families.

Water filters, providing clean water for 10 years, for the school and the houses were donated through the2017sonyagual2_400 AndrewPepperFund.

I'm certain I'm forgetting the generosity of some individuals. For that, I apologize.

The 40 volunteers pay an equal portion of housing building cost, arrange their own travel and all necessary expenses while on the trip. In addition to the financial investment, the volunteers invest blood, sweat and tears.. I mean that quite literally.

I can honestly say, I've never worked so physically hard in my life. We moved (and these are approximations) 400 gallons of water, over 9 tons of cement, which, by the way, required hauling the sand, rock and cement by hand in order to use the mixer. The cement mixer was on site for only 1 day...all other cement, and there was plenty of that, was hand mixed using shovels.

The team of 9 in the school had 5 days to complete the project. We applied stucco to the ceilings and walls, we scraped the randomly sized boards used for scaffolding so they could be reused on another project and we cleaned the work site to have it free of construction debris. All of this, while the kids were in school.

2017sonyagual3_400Life changing is an understatement

Guatemalan people are impressively happy and equally grateful. Many live hand to mouth, but they do so together.

I'm so thankful to have been a small part in making a difference. The entire team was amazingly hard working and our hearts leave Guatemala full.

Sonya Gray
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Evansville, IN

Staff from Biaggi's - Champaign, IL, Volunteer at the
University of Illinois Community & Campus Day of Service

0517champ1_400Employees of Biaggi's in Champaign volunteered to help the University of Illinois' annual Campus and Community Day of Service. This is the 5th year for this event, in which thousands of volunteers packaged meal pouches for needy families served by the Eastern Illinois Food Bank. The goal this year was 150,000 meal pouches to match the University's sesquicentennial (150 years). Led by Chef Partner Joe Zaranski, the team of 6 servers and 2 cooks packaged over 300 pouches in 1 1/2 hours of service.

"We all left with an overwhelming feeling of pride because we were a part of something that will help thousands of needy families in our community. Plus, on top of our volunteer efforts, Biaggi's helped sponsor the event!", reported Chef Zaranski.

0517champ2_400 0517champ3_400 0517champ5_400

Chef Fernando Abundez is Featured in Local Magazine

fernando_400From Maple Grove Magazine April, 2017 Edition
Story by: Lee Owens Photo by: Emily J. Davis

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano stirs up the food pot. Chef-partner Fernando Abundez is at the helm of the Maple Grove location. Daily, he features a selection of new shining culinary stars from a recipe database culled over 18 years. Although cooking methods are derived from all across the country, the dishes share a common thread. Biaggi’s chefs submit favorite Italian recipes to the corporate division. Mike White, director of culinary operations, decides what recipes go into the database. A formidable task—scouring all the innovative ways to prepare everything from seafood to pasta, appetizers to salads to sandwiches. It’s a full-course Italian dream. Read more here...

Biaggi's of Omaha Celebrates Mondavi's 50th Anniversary


Steel Head Trout

Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly



Crimson Risotto with Short Rib

Spiced Lamb Chop

Pistachio Semifredo

Earlier this month Biaggi's of Omaha hosted a Robert Mondavi Wine Dinner to celebrate their 50th anniversary of winemaking and to reintroduce the newly remodeled restaurant.

I created a 6 course event exhibiting the luscious colors and flavors of a long awaited spring. The sojourn kicked off with a steelhead trout amuse bouche with faux caviar roe and was followed by a robust bourbon glazed pork belly with spring pea puree and smoked white cheddar polenta. An intermezzo of a strawberry poached rhubarb with vanilla bean panna cotta was provided before the show stopper of the evening; a beautiful crimson borscht risotto with Noir braised short rib with goat cheese & dill crema. Next was the Mediterranean spiced lamb chop with pickled carrot puree and castelvetrano olive and golden raisin couscous. The journey ended on a sweet note of coffee & pistachio semifreddo, with lemon curd and white chocolate.

The feedback for the cuisine, wine, and new look of the store were all high praise. We were all content with a job well done.

Aaron King
Chef Partner
Biaggi's Omaha, NE

Biaggi's of Omaha participates in Visiting Nurse Association's Soup & Art Exhibit
Here are some photos from last week's fundraiser event.


This is the 3rd year Biaggi's in Omaha has competed in the Visiting Nurse Association's Soup & Art Exhibit. Over 1000 guests attend the event and close to 20 local restaurants/catering companies all compete for People's Choice Best Soup, People's Choice Best Table Setup, and Best Judged Soup.

This year Chef Aaron King was awarded the People's Choice Best Soup for his "Smoked Guyere Bisque". The soup was a representation of a deconstructed Pastrami and Rye - Guyere Bisque base with garnishes of in-house smoked duck pastrami, red cabbage sauerkraut, rye crouton, and a dijon vinaigrette.

All money raised by this event pays to support nurses and items needed to aide local shelters.

Congratulations for a 3rd win in just as many years attending the event!

Chelsea Powell
General Manager
Biaggi's Omaha, NE

World Series Trophy comes to Biaggi's

The Vice President of communications for the Chicago Cubs brought a group in Monday night for dinner and also brought with them the World Series Trophy!

From left to right around the table: Connie Mochal, Alec Rentschler,
Jacob McNeil, Jared Staub, Taylar Stout, Megan Goodson

There were a couple die-hard Cubs fans in this picture who were ecstatic. While the Trophy was in town, most only got to see it behind glass and not this up close and personal.

Needless to say, they had a great dinner and experience with us and the team was grateful for this opportunity.

Pretty cool!

Eric Loest
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Champaign, IL



On January 12th, Tomas Martinez celebrated his 17th year at Biaggi's in Champaign.

Tomas has been a dedicated employee and has seen many cooks and leaders come and go.

As a gift for his years of service, he was awarded 2 tickets a Fighting Illini Basketball game, a gift certificate for a local restaurant and this tasty cake!

Thank you for being a part of Biaggi's success, Tomas!

Joseph Zaranski
Chef Partner
Biaggi's Champaign, IL

Biaggi's of Evansville, IN runs event to support two local Military charities

We recently ran an event to support Soldier Dogs and the 380th Family Readiness Group.

Soldier Dogs is a non-profit charity based in Evansville that is run by 3 Gulf war veterans. They save dogs from kill shelters, provide all the appropriate vaccinations, then train them as full time service Dogs. The dogs can sense low blood sugar, wake their owner if they are having nightmares and even call an ambulance. Soldier Dogs not only pairs pet with veteran\soldier, they also have weekly meetings to talk about PTSD and suicide prevention. They also pay any veterinary expenses that the dog may incur. They have pared over 60 dogs in the past three years.

We raised $700 for this cause during our event.

The 380th FRG is also based in Evansville. They provide money to veterans with PTSD to help pay their medical bills and living expenses. They also help vets pay for groceries and Christmas presents.

The $600 that we raised will help them hold a Christmas party for the vets. Something that they were not able to do last year.

This is the first year for this fundraiser, we hope to make it an annual event!

Adam Plocik
Biaggi's Evansville Indiana

Adventures in Davenport Biaggi's





After a guest loved our 14 Pronto Pack Cater the previous weekend, he excitedly asked if we would cater an event for 225 hungry people this weekend. No Problemo for our Kitchen!! 4 Hours of prep work, 71.25 lbs of turkey, 12.5 lbs of Swiss cheese , 800 tomato slices, and 1 case of avocados later we had 200 Turkey Avocado Sandwiches!! Along with 2 boxes of chips and a some Pronto Packs, we had a happily sated group of guests.
Good work Kitchen!!!

Lorelei McGee
Biaggi's Davenport Iowa


Announcing this year's Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!



Maple Grove, MN



Peoria, IL



Victor, NY


Each Winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Cards.


Biaggi's of Loveland Hosts, Taste of the Mediterranean Wine Dinner
Here are some pictures of the event.






The dinner went flawless with great reviews from our guest which left extremely eager for our next one.
Our guest spreaker Marcie Trickey from Southern Wine and Spirits, did a terrific job explaing each wine.

The following wines were served:
Nicolas Feuilatte Champagne Brut reserve
Hess Select Sauvignon Blanc
Sweet Heart City Tempranillo
Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon
Torre Rossazza Friuli Coli Orientale Sauvignon

Pared with these dishes:
Seafood Savoro with Endive
Broiled Oysters Casino
Seared Sea Scallops with prosciutto, Mediterranean Slaw, Sea Beans
Charmoula Pesto Encrusted Lamb Chop, Smoked Feta Polenta, Summer Squash
Raspberry Rum Baba, White Chocolate Crunch Mousse, Raspberry Infused Rum

This was my very first Wine Dinner as Chef Partner and I would like to thank Sous Chef Klye Riddle, BOH Captain Kristin Knuckles, Manager Brian Fort and Servers; Cody Goodwine & Alex Gomez for helping us make this a special evening.

Keith Ungerer
Chef Partner
BIAGGI'S Loveland, Colorado

Biaggi's of Champaign, IL Hosts Terra D'oro Wine Dinner
Here are some pictures of the wonderful food.


The guests at Biaggi's Champaign enjoyed a fantastic menu paired with the wines from Terra D'oro Winery. The menu featured a Seafood Terrine, Grilled Radicchio Salad, House-made Wild Boar Sausage flavored with Tart Cherries and Morels tossed with Garganelli pasta, King Salmon with Wild Mushroom Broth, Bison Striploin and House-made Mascarpone Gelato with Grilled Mango. The guests all agreed that this was the best wine dinner to date! Chef Joe Zaranski pushed things over the top offering up an Amuse Bouche of Smoked Fennel Cured Salmon that he cured and smoked in house. He also brought science to the meal with an Intermezzo of Fresh Strawberry with Rose Balsamic Pearls that had our guests amazed at how the pearls burst with flavor. While guests went back and forth on which course was their favorite, they took time to order an amazing amount of wine both nights.

At the closing, Regional Manager for Trinchero Wines, Steve Patton, mentioned that for all of the wine pairings that he has done over the years, he was never as impressed with the food pairings as he was here at Biaggi's.

It was truly a great time for all!

Joseph Zaranski
Chef Partner
BIAGGI'S Champaign, Illinois

Biaggi's of Omaha, NE Hosts Beer Dinner


brick2_400 brick4_400

Biaggi's Omaha hosted it's second beer dinner of 2016 with Zac Triemert, President and Master Brewer & Distiller of Brickway Brewing Company. Chef Aaron King supported by sous Chef Christopher Sandquist and assisted by managers Chelsea Powell and Ashley Clark executed a very exciting and generously applauded 6 course tasting menu beautifully paired with selections from the local brewer.


With 53 guests in attendance, Omaha notably served it's largest crowd for a beer dinner to date. Congratulations to the team!

Jeremy Beck
Managing Partner

BIAGGI'S, Omaha, Nebraska
Biaggi's of Algonquin, IL Partners with "Lifetime Fitness"

life1_400 life2_400 life3_400

Biaggi's has partnered up with Lifetime Fitness here in Algonquin and are planning numerous events.
LifeTime has over 12 000 members, with over 3000 visiting them every day. LifeTime Fitness is by far the nicest health club in the area and their members are willing to pay for quality. I think the same applies for our guests which makes this partnership such a good match.
Don't be fooled into thinking that members of a health club always eat only salad! On the contrary, they often feel that they have earned the right to eat whatever their hearts desire, but gravitate towards fresh and well prepared. That is why they wanted Biaggi's to cater this event and many more to come.

The event was a huge success and we handed out promotional material to well over 300 people. We also managed to get 150 people to signed up for Club Biaggi's!

Jason Chablani
Managing Partner

BIAGGI'S, Algonquin, Illinois
Biaggi's of Middleton Wisconsin, OPENS!
Here are some pictures of the new restaurant


Biaggi's of Omaha Hosts Wine Dinner with Nicholas Goldschmidt









Recently Biaggi's of Omaha hosted one of it's most successful wine dinners with winemaker Nicholas Goldschmidt.


We had 53 attendees and Chef Aaron King beautifully executed a very inventive and challenging menu. Chelsea Powell punctuated the dinner with hand-made chocolate tulips and a rose ricotta mousse. Ashley Clark worked with our rep and the wine maker to offer some great pricing and the restaurant sold an additional $4,000 in retail wine for the event.


It was an exciting event for all involved.


Jeremy Beck
Managing Partner
Biaggi's - Omaha, Nebraska



Biaggi's of Omaha Partakes in the 2016 Visiting Nurse Association Fundraiser


Here is a picture from the 2016 VNA Soup & Art fundraiser that Chef Aaron and myself participated in for the second year. Chef Aaron was rewarded with the Best Judged Soup for the second year in a row! (only done once before in the 19 years of hosting the event) He served a Smoked Calabrian Bisque garnished with a Goat Cheese creme fraiche, crispy Prosciutto d'Parma, and a smoked seasoning blend.


And I took home the Best Decorated Table for the second year in a row as well with a "cabin in the woods" theme to compliment the smoked soup chef was preparing.

Just thought I would share the fun news! The plaque and traveling soup pot will be returned to Biaggi's after they are engraved.

Chelsea Powell
13650 California Street, Omaha, Nebraska


A New Member of the Biaggi's Family

hissa_400 Born to Tavis Hissa (Managing Partner of Biaggi's Perrysburg, OH)
and his wife Leslie, A Boy!
Cameron James Hissa.
Born on December 7th at 5:06 PM Weighing in at 8 lbs., 2oz.

A handsome young man
Biaggi's Omaha
Had a busy October

Below are some pictures of events that have taken place here in Omaha this past October.

First was the Ted E. Bear Hollow offsite event on Sunday, October 11th where Chef Aaron competed with 3 other local Italian restaurants/Chefs. It was a dinner, fundraiser, and silent auction to help raise money for a foundation that supports families after times of loss (i.e. after a parent dies of cancer they have all ages counseling and family activities for those in mourning). Chef Aaron presented a hand-rolled fusilli pasta in Butternut Squash and Autumn spiced sauce garnished with Applewood smoked bacon, spiced candied walnuts, and toasted sage.

Next, on the evening of Sunday October 18th, we hosted the International Food and Wine Society, Omaha Chapter 12. Chef Aaron prepared 5 courses to feature "Coast to Coast" culinary selections traveling East to West across the continental U.S.

Jeremy Beck helped get us involved on Thursday, October 15th with another offsite fundraiser and silent auction to help BoysTown Lied Children's Research Hospital. We were one of several local restaurants presenting and served a Pumpkin Risotto and a Smoked Pork Tenderloin.

Last, but definitely not least, we hosted our October Nebraska Brewing Company Beer dinner on Sunday, October 25th. It was a great success! 40 attendees to enjoy 6 courses, 5 paired with different beers from a local microbrewery here in Omaha. Chef Aaron King and Ashley Clark put together a well executed evening in which all whom attended enjoyed immensely.




Chelsea Powell
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Omaha, NE

Biaggi's Davenport
Participates in the Quad City River Front Pop Concert

Biaggis Davenport participated in the Quad Cities River Front Pop Concert. The community was very happy to have us there. We made the Quad Cities Times, no others restaurant or vender was mention. It was a fun concert and everyone had lots of fun. -Luis A. Leon (FOH Manager Davenport)






Above are a few pictures from the event (click on image to expand)

Announcing this year's Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!


Eden Prairie



Funniest Christian Garcia

Biaggi's Algonquin
erica_kromer_apple_core_400 mush_400
ashley_lane_400 drac_400_01
christian_garcia_trump_400 20151020_113955_resized_400

Each Winner will receive $50 in their Paycards.

Sonya Shares her trip to Argentina
sonya2_400. I wanted to share a bit about my recent trip to
Mendoza, Argentina.

What an amazing week hosted by the Zuccardi Family Wineries in Mendoza. This family is of Italian descent, but very proud to be Argentine. The hospitality was world class.

Alberto Jose Zuccardi pioneered cultivating vines in Mendoza, which, by the way, is a dessert. Every vine is hand planted, carefully watered and hand harvested. The 3rd generation of the Zuccardi Family is now taking the lead with innovation and wine making. The goal for this family is to create “unique” wines that express the region in a natural manner. The science behind the micro-terroirs was fascinating. The vineyard managers determine the varietals to plant based on the soil depth. The harvest time and duration changes each season, as is always true. The intricate system of watering vines has been catered to the land, soil depth and amount of natural moisture the vines can be expected to receive from underground, natural sources.



But more impressive than the science was the passion each person we met possessed. The winemakers, the restaurant director, the grappa manager, the olive grove manager and the compost manager (yes, they make their own compost) were all very eager to share their parts in the success of the Vineyard with us. The passion, hospitality, attention to detail and genuine desire to create an experience for our group was very reminiscent of what we do in our restaurants each and every day. We are passionate about Biaggi’s, about service, about hospitality and about the attention to detail. When we execute on this level, there is no doubt our guests walk away with a world class experience.

I highly recommend you get your hands on Santa Julia Malbec Organica, Zuccardi Q (every varietal was unique), Zuccardi Zeta or Zuccardi Tito.

This was truly a fantastic experience.

Sonya Burkhart
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Evansville, IN

Congratulations to Biaggi's University Graduates
From Left to Right, Monte Michel (Eden Prairie), Chad Landry (Maple Grove), Keith Ungerer (Loveland), Nick Pate (Bloomington), Brian Adam (Deerfield), Veronica Baughman (Ridgeland),
Brandon Jones (Ridgeland), Michael Schaidle (Champaign)

Italian Winemakers Visit Biaggi's Madison


Regolo Medici and John LoDuca of LoDuca Bottling Company came in Friday, July 24th and surprised our servers with a little Lambrusco wine knowledge. Regolo and John wowed our staff with excellent details, and selling points for the Lambrusco!

Deerfield Biaggi's Runs 5K for Great Cause.




Last month, I ran my first 5k with some awesome Biaggis friends! Lee Farber completed it walking in 52 minutes, I finished with Kristen Ryan a server in 43, David Zoberman, a server and bartender who has already lost 50 pounds finished in 40, Cory Purcell a manager finished his first 5k in 27 minutes. And my son Jonah ran the last half mile with me!

It was a race to end homelessness for a safehaven. A great cause and an awesome time!

Go team Biaggis Deerfield! #teambiaggisdeerfield

Alana Cooper
FOH Manager
Biaggi's Deerfield, IL

Biaggi's of Bloomington Participates in
Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Festival.




Last month, the Bloomington Team (Chef Luis Blanco, Liz Coon & Chuck Smith) had a wonderful time at the Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Festival event to benefit Bloomington-Normal Catholic Schools held at the Parke Regency Hotel & Conference Center.

Chef Luis from our Deerfield, IL location is also a chocolatier and created the beautiful chocolate wine bottle along with delicious truffles for the guests.

Thanks for making the trip down to Bloomington, Chef Luis!

The festival was a great success and we gained good exposure in the community.

Kelsy Nolan
Marketing Coordinator
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano

Dinner for Lou and Mary
Compliments of Biaggi's

Pictured are Coach Lou Henson, Mary Henson, Chef Joe Zaranski and Jill Wagner Kemper

Chef Joe Zaranski of Champaign prepared a special meal last month for former basketball head coach Lou Henson and his wife and Mary, recipients of the Distinguished Citizens Award from the Prairieland's Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Biaggi's of Davenport, takes part in wine festival.


On Saturday May 16th Biaggi's of Davenport took part in the St. Ambrose University Wine Festival. The festival was presented by Dimitri Wine and Spirits. All proceeds helped fund scholarships for students at the university.

The festival was a great success and we gained good exposure in the community.

Everyone loved our food!!!

Luis Leon
FOH Manager
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Davenport, IA

Please enjoy the pictures below






Click on picture to expand image

First Boy After Four Girls in a Row

Born last month to Zachary Schweig (Sous Chef in
Champaign) and his wife Savannah, a boy!
Benton Zachary Schweig
Weighing in at 8 pounds, on the money.

Ata BOY!

Biaggi's wins Golden Apple!
Gary Chanen (Managing Partner, Biaggi's Eden Prairie) accepting award on left

The Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce recognized Biaggi's for
outstanding contribution to education in the community.

Our Family Keeps Growing

Introducing Eli Samuel Catir born on May 7th at 11:42PM, first eli_400
child of Sam Catir (FOH Manager at Biaggi's Maple Grove) and his lovely wife Carolyn. Weighing in at 8lbs. 4oz., measuring 23 inches.

A handsom lad...

Ridgeland Biaggi's has great Taste


Chef Partner Tim Moran and Event Coordinator Kristen Thompson participate in Taste of Mississippi.
They served bacon wrapped dates and bruschetta to over a 1000 people.

All the proceeds went to the
Stew Pot.

Keith Dale
Managing Partner

New Babies !!

charlotte_400We would like to Welcome Charlotte (Charlie) Ryan Plocik to the Biaggi’s Family. Evansville Dining Room Manager, Adam Plocik and his lovely wife, Michele welcomed Charlie into the world at 9:02 pm on April 15 weighing in at 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long. Congratulations Adam and Michele.

What a cutie!

Biaggi's of Algonquin Hosts Tuesday Night Award Dinner

Recently we hosted the Sun-City/DelWeb Bowling League annual awards ceremony. With 189 guests, a 4 course meal and a choice of 3 entrees (101 Filets ordered!), things could have gone south in a hurry. However amazing teamwork and hard work resulted in enthusiastic guest feedback from every single table.

I feel we are very lucky to have such a great team here in the Gonk!

Jason Chablani
Managing Partner


We just concluded Biaggi's University session #38
From Left to Right; Lucas Underwood (Evansville), Kelsey Nolan (Corp) Alana Cooper (Deerfield), Chris Rogers(Loveland), Connie Mochal (Cedar Rapids), Ben James (Maple Grove), Brian Dracy (Madison),
Chris Waldron (Victor), Don Hengl (Davenport)

Biaggi's Wins Another Honor!

Chef Aaron King and Chelsea Powell

Last month, Chef Aaron King and Chelsea Powell represented Biaggi's of Omaha in the annual Visiting Nurses Association's soup and art gala fundraiser. Attendees voted on their favorite soup, table presentation and artist. A panel of judges also votes on the best soup of the day from the 25 participating restaurants.

We are proud to announce that Biaggi's won BOTH categories for best soup(butternut squash with apple, spicy walnuts and bacon) and best table presentation.

Jeremy Beck
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano - Omaha, NE

Andrew Sherman & Randy Fanoli
Say "YES" to Biaggi's!

Recently, the Fort Wayne team had a great time at the Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza! The key speaker was the star and host of T.L.C's "Say Yes to the Dress" and " Randy to the Rescue",
Randy Fenoli.
Mr. Fenoli stopped by our table and I was able to have a short conversation with him and hand him one of our take out menus. Mr. Fenoli was very impressed and said he looked forward to enjoying our food for his Oscar night dinner! Later in the evening Randy Fenoli responded to a "Tweet" of mine and sent a tweet out over his own personal twitter page which has over 44,000 followers! This tweet could be seen by all of Randy's followers and has our name all over it! A wonderful success for Biaggi's and the
Fort Wayne team!

Andrew Sherman
Event Coordinator

Algonquin Wins "Restaurant of the Year"!

Biaggi's of Algonquin, IL was nominated for Restaurant of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce! The award ceremony was on Saturday the 7th at 'Boulder Ridge Country Club'.

In a close race I am proud to announce that Biaggi's won!

Please join me in congratulating the entire team here for winning such a prestigious award.

Jason Chablani
Managing Partner

We just concluded Biaggi's University session #37
From Left to Right; Keith Dale (Ridgeland), Jeff Andrews (Carmel) Bryan Hunter (Omaha), Sam Catir (Eden Prairie), Luis Leon (Davenport), Keke Nedreberg (Evansville), Bryan Bonfiglio (Perrysburg), Casey Rayburn (Champaign), Ashley Clark (Omaha), Cory Purcell (Deerfield)

Algonquin Hosts Fashion Show

Algonquin teamed up with Chico's to put on a fashion show. Guests were invited to a 3 course lunch and a fashion show for $20! With over 60 attendees and the beautiful Chico's models the event was a great success! We have plans to do four more of these events in 2015!

Jason Chablani
Managing Partner


Celebrity Sighting!

Greg Kinnear stops
off at Biaggi's

Mr. Kinnear is pictured here with Meredith Cooke of Ridgeland, MS.


Algonquin Wine Dinner a Success


Algonquin had our 5th wine dinner of the year last week. We had 48 people sign up and the event went great! See picture.

Jason Chablani
Managing Partner

Announcing the winners of our
7th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest.



Ft. Wayne







Erica Kromer

Eden Priarie


Another beautiful baby Girl

Fort Wayne and Ridgeland would like to Congratulate Mr. Tim Moran and his lovely wife Alyssa on their newest addition to the family.

Emmalyn Mae was born on Friday October 17th at 5:11 am. She weighed 7 lbs 8oz and a length of 19 inches.

Both Emmalyn and Alyssa are doing great after the birth, and Alistair and Talia are excited for their new sister! The proud papa says that Emmalyn was born inside her amniotic sac, which is rare and really cool!

Way to go Tim and Alyssa! We at Biaggi's couldn't be happier for you!

Joseph Kerr
Managing Partner

That's three girls in a row!
image_400. Introducing,
Lily Ann Allocco

Omaha is proud to announce it's 3rd and final baby of 2014.
Juanita Allocco, our event coordinator and Biaggi's employee of 8 years, just gave birth to Lily Ann.

She was born at 10:31 a.m. on Monday the 18th, weighing 6lbs -7oz and stretching to 19 3/4 inches long. Both ladies are doing beautifully.

Jeremy Beck
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Omaha, NE

A new member of the family

Lucy Elizabeth Halbig

Congratulations to Cory (dining room manager in Evansville) and his lovely wife Courtney on the arrival of Lucy Elizabeth Halbig.

Born August 11 at 9:19pm weighing 7 pounds 9 .6 ounces and 20 inches long. Both momma and baby are doing great.

Rumor has it, she will be attending her first Fantasy Football Draft this season.

We can't wait to spoil her.

Sonya Gray
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Evansville, IN

A new member of the family

Shyanne Ilana Melinger

Congratulations to Chad Melinger, Chef Partner in Deer Park, on the birth of his beautiful baby girl.
Shyanne Ilana Melinger was welcomed into the world on Friday, July 25th at 6 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches. Chad's wife, Erica, and big sister Caelyn are both happy to have Chad home for the week. Now that Chad is seriously outnumbered in the female to male ratio, he claims all male dogs from here on out

Congratulations Melinger Family!!

Casey Gru
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Deer Park, IL

Loveland Hosts Beer Dinner on Patio

Here is a picture of a recent Beer Dinner on our patio. We had 36 guests and it went over great! This was taken from the rooftop overlooking the event.

Kevin Mitts
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Loveland, CO

New Babies !!

A big congratulation to Sous Chef January Torres of Biaggi's in Bloomington, on the birth of her daughter
Luna Sofia Torres.

What a cutie!

benbaby_400.Also born to Benjamin Sutherlin-Gorsha (Sous Chef - Perrysburg) and his wife Erin , a beautiful son.
Remy Mitchell Gorsha. born on 7/8, weighing in at 8lbs 8oz. Mother and baby are both great.
According to Ben, " he is a healthy spitting image of his father".

Celebrity Sighting!

Recently we had singer-songwriter, record producer Andy Grammer dine at our restaurant after he performed at Jefferson Pointe for a summer kick-off (school's out) concert. I am friends with the radio D.J. who was hosting the event, so we got them in to Biaggi's last minute and then I was able to snag a quick picture with him!

Ashley Harris
FOH Manager
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Ft. Wayne, IN


Troy Wins Chef Competition (From WJBC.com)
Chefs for PATH began in 2009 as a friendly competition between some of the top local chefs in the Bloomington/Normal area and fundraiser for
PATH Crisis 211.

Each chef is provided specific ingredients from Sysco Foods as well as a list of acceptable items that they may use from their restaurants. Additionally, they are given a $100 gift card to Fresh Market where they can choose anything they would like, the only stipulation is that they must use the ingredient in every serving.

Guests of the event enjoy tasting the preparations of each chef as they rotate through the stations during the gala. After they have completed the rotations and voted for their favorite dish, the votes are tallied and two finalists are announced. The top 2 vote getters move to the “live cooking stage” with just their knives and one assistant chef. A mystery basket is unveiled, the chefs have a few minutes to prepare their menu’s and then it’s time for the live cook-off.

This years participating chefs represented Biaggis, Baxters, Destihl, Westminster Village, and The Park Regency. After a live finale cook off between Baxters and Biaggis, Troy Tomlinson-Chef Partner at Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano was declared the winner.


New Biaggi's Family Members

Please help me welcome Hayden Christopher Roetzer
Son of Bloomington Manager Derek Roetzer. Baby and Mother
Brit are doing fine after an Emergency C-Section.
According to his dad he is already showing signs of being a
true Kentucky Wildcat's fan.

Welcome to Biaggi's


Biaggi's Omaha is also thrilled to announce another
addition to our ever growing family.

Beverage Director Heath Matheis and his lovely bride,
Heather, gave birth to Harper Marie this past Month.
Harper was 6lbs and 13oz. and 20in in length.

All are healthy and happy!

Jeremy Beck
Managing Partner - Omaha, NE

brooklynn2_400 I am pleased to introduce our new
granddaughter Brooklynn Cienna born
Saturday, May 17.

She is so cute!

Joan Eardley

Accountant - Corporate Office

Celebrity Sighting
John Elway joins the Colorado Springs team on
Saturday night for an after dinner photo.

Santa's Helpers
santafohdp2013_400. fantabohdp2013_400_01.

Last Saturday, December 14th Biaggi's in Deer Park hosted our 3rd annual Breakfast with Santa benefitting the WINGS program. WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger) helps homeless and abused women and children by offering integrated services that meet their needs for shelter, education, guidance and support. The event was held from 8:00 - 10:00 am (I know, I was also shocked that servers could wake up that early too!). $2472 was raised at the door, while our servers donated over $300 in additional gratuities to the organization as well.
It was a long day for everyone during a busy holiday season, but our staff always ceases to amaze me with their generosity and tenacity!

Casey Gru
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Deer Park, IL

Peter getting fresh with Squid

Celebrity Sighting!

Jerry Seinfeld joins Perrysburg Biaggi's for lunch and a laugh!!!

Rossi Penny
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Perrysburg, OH

A new member of the family baby_roman_400

Introducing, Roman Alexander Garcia

Son of Chef Partner Christian Garcia of Algonquin
born on Oct 31st, weighing in at 6 Lbs 5 Oz.

A Happy Holloween Baby


Welcome to Biaggi's
Little one


A warm Biaggi's welcome to Kendall Addison Gray. Granddaughter to Sonya Gray, Managing Partner of Biaggi's of Evansville, IN. You can see the resemblance to Sonya immediately... looks like she's about to correct someone's airlift.

Cory Halbig
Manager - Biaggi's Evansville, IN

Biaggi's of Carmel, IN Hosts
Their First Wine Dinner

We hosted our first wine dinner a few weeks ago and a good time was had by all who attended. Our RNDC rep, Lisa Butler helped Jeremy Beck in presenting Bonterra wines and highlighted the organic and sustainable practices used by Bonterra.

Our hostess, Kortney McLouth, led
the painting portion which turned out to be fun to watch as much as it was fun for those participating. We had 20 attendees, several of which had never experienced Biaggi's before and will definitely be back!

We are looking to get another dinner going before the end of the year, and already getting ideas for a "Beat the Crowds/ Pre-Valentine's Date Night" dinner the week before Valentine's day.


Scott Kennedy
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Carmel, IN





Click on picture to expand image

Announcing this year's Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!


Biaggi's Omaha


Biaggi's Deerfield

Funniest Christian Garcia

Biaggi's Algonquin

Each Winner will recieve a $50 American Express Gift card.

John Leiendecker (Chef Partner of Biaggi's in West Des Moines) and his wife Lindsay adopt a beautiful young lady

Jasmine is 2 years old. My wife and I are very excited and feel very blessed to have this opportunity. We are remembering what it is like to have a 2 year old running around the house and Jasmine keeps us on the ball.

Help us congratulate John on his new daughter.


Bloomington Biaggi's - Winners Again
Bloomington's Pantagraph announces their People's Choice Award
Best Italian Restaurant - Biaggi's
Best Fine Dining Restaurant - Biaggi's

Best Overall Restuarant - Biaggi's
Quite and accomplishment after 14 years in the market.

Biaggi's Deerfield
Helps Food Pantry

Deerfield donated 10% of their Pronto Pak sales to the West Deerfield Food Pantry for the month of March.
This is a picture of Lee Farber giving Bob Rosenbacher from the Pantry a check for $330

Celebrating a True Artist

Most of you know Luis Blanco as a Sous Chef in Deerfield, but I bet you did know that he is a gifted artist. In the medium of “Chocolate”. He has been a sculptor of scrumptious art for many years and soon
hopes to compete in Europe for international fame.

Below are a few of Luis's creations (click on them to expand)





If you have a talent or unusual hobby, tell your MP and let us celebrate it!

A New Member of the Family


Hey guys- Here is our new edition, born on June 11. Roman Michael White, 6 lbs 13 oz. Alison and Baby are doing great. Gibson our three year old is in denial :)

Mike White
Chef Partner
Biaggi's Madison, WI

Deerfield Biaggi's Helps Local Charity
Chef Partner Chad Melinger, FOH Manager David Downs and
Line Cook Jose Alvizo participate in
Chefs' Night & More


Chefs' Night & More!, one of the larges tasting events held in the Chicago area,

featuring culinary delights from the finest Chicagoland restaurants and food and beverage purveyors

This annual benefit for the Center for Enriched Living is to help provide programs and opportunities for people with developmental disabilities so that they are more fully included in the community, achieve personal success and enjoy a good quality of life.

This year, with Biaggi's help, the charity raised more than $515,000.

A new member of the family


Caelyn Alyssa Melinger

Daughter of Chef Partner
Chad Melinger of Deerfield
born on April 1 at 10:34 AM.
Weighing in at 7 Lbs.

Mother (Erica) is recovering
well and soon hopes to
rejoin her Marine Corps unit.


Welcome to Biaggi's
Little one

Davenport Participates in Martini Shake Off
davmart1_400 davmart2_400_01

This month Biaggi's - Davenport participated in a Martini Shake Off, competing against 25 other restaurants and took home 2 out of 6 awards!

Bartenders Choice Martini for habanero infused lychee pineapple martini and,
Best Martini Presentation for our ginger mint mango and salted peanut butter.

This was a fantastic event benefiting the HAV Life foundation, which provides money for kids to pursue musical and athletic goals.
Despite the snow, the event was sold out with 1500 people attending. I am so proud of all who represented Biaggi's so well in our James Bond themed night!

Rachel Hart
Manager - Biaggi's Davenport, IA

Algonquin Gets Top Honors

Congratulation to Jason Chablani, Christian Garcia and the entire Algonquin team on being voted both Best Dinner and Favorite Lunch Restaurant by the “My Sunday News” of Huntley, IL. Biaggi’s was selected best all-around winner from a group of 77 nominated restaurants. This is a truly great honor in such a tough market.

A New Member of the Biaggi's Family!

Introducing Skylar Rose Marie Goodhart, born to Peoria Sous Chef, Melissa Goodhart on January 15th 2013. 8 Lbs, 8 oz., 20 inches of pure loveliness.
Mother and child are doing great.

Biaggi's of Deer Park, IL
Hosted their '2nd Annual Breakfast with Santa' sponsored by
Deer Park Town Center and Biaggi's.

santa_400The charity breakfast benefits W I N G S
Women In Need Growing Stronger.
WINGS helps homeless and abused women and children by offering integrated services that meet their needs for
shelter, education, guidance and support.

We also host a 'giving tree' in our lobby. Our guests and employees choose tags for the women and children to help provide a joyful holiday

This year, our Breakfast with Santa raised over $2500 in donations for the breakfast and our server's generosity in donating their gratuities.

We couldn't be more proud of a staff that donates their time, talents and treasure toward such a wonderful cause during such a busy holiday season.

Casey Gru
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Deer Park, IL


Biaggi's Carmel, IN is Open!
Please join me in congratulating Scott Kennedy, Josh Farmer, Jeremy Beck, Jason Baker, Nicole Biddle, January Torres and the entire staff of our 24th Biaggi's


Former US Senator Trent Lott stops
by Biaggi's of Ridgland, MS

From left to right - Wilson Kruger, Trent Coleman, Senator Lott, Angie Weed
Peoria Biaggi's Supports Easter Seals
These pictures are from Easter Seals' Wines and Polo on the Prarie fundraiser to benefit disabilty service for kids. The event had just under 1300 guests and helped raise more than $140,000.00.


We took second place in the best restaurant category with our beet, arugula, and herb goat cheese cristini.

Here are all five of us (from left to right) Kristin, Misty, Sous Chef Rob, Lisa, and Jenny in front.

Robert Roche
Sous Chef
Biaggi's Peoria

A new member of the family.

natebaby1_400 natebaby2_400

Introducing Madisyn Rose Lane. After a brief scare of a low heartbeat and a emergency c-section, mom (Ashley) and Maddie are doing great. 5 lbs and 2 oz, 17 1/2 inches, born at 1:00pm on Monday June 11th. Pictured, Tyler (8), Emma (7), and Maddie (1 hr.). Thank you all for the support.

Nate Lane

Managing Partner
Biaggi's Peoria

Ridgeland Biaggi's Contributes to Local Police Fundraiser

ridgepolice1_400 ridgepolice3_400

A great job was done by our Biaggi's team in Ridgeland! Our team, consisting of Chef Patrick Harley and Event Coordinator Meredith Cooke, helped raise money for Jackson Police Department's "Take a Tasty Bite Out of Crime" Fundraiser.

Dwayne Rainer
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Ridgeland

Fort Wayne Hosts Local Girls Scout Troop
Sous Chef Tim Moran entertains a local Girl Scout troop as they
completed pizzas and merit badges

fwtim_400 A local girl scout troop stopped in to work on their cooking merit badge and some needed, pun intended, "hands on" experience in a real world kitchen. During their visit, Tim discussed food safety, ServSafe food practices, as well as how things in a high volume restaurant should run. The girls were delighted to roll up their sleeves and put their own spin on the pizza program and even came up with some interesting options, the most common was adding chocolate crumbles as the final topping.

Overall they had a terrific time and the scout leaders were thrilled With Tim's attention.
Ken Davenport
Managing Partner
Biaggi's Fort Wayne, IN

rocky030_400Our FOH Captain/Bartender Isaiah Winings is the proud father of a baby boy
Rocky John Winnings.
Rocky makes the 5th baby born to the 9 month old restaurant.

Bob Bestgen
Manager - Peoria, IL

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