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Biaggi’s Form W2 Process

Biaggi’s will furnish employees with copies of Form W2, Wage and Tax Statement, for the preceding year by January 31st (unless that date falls on a weekend then it would be the next business day).  In addition to the traditional Form W2 distribution process by mail, starting in April, 2011 Biaggi’s offers employees the opportunity to view and print their W2 forms, and payroll check vouchers, through our payroll provider, ECI Empower, by registering as an employee.

Current and former employees who have not registered for Employee Self Service (ESS) may request registration information by contacting the Payroll Department at:  PR@Biaggis.com.  When requesting registration information, provide your name, date of birth, location where employed, and state if you are a current or former employee.  No information will be provided over the telephone.

For copies of W2’s for years prior to 2011, employees may click on this form link to download, the "W2 Request Form". After downloading, print and complete the form and mail to the address noted on the form.  The required $5 fee for each W2 requested must be included prior to processing the duplicate W2 form.  The $5 fee will be returned with the duplicate W2 if the original form has been returned to the corporate office by the US Post Office.  This form may also be used for name and SSN corrections (the employee must provide a legible copy of their social security card when requesting name or social security number changes).  If an employee does not have computer access, they may contact Biaggi’s Payroll Department at 309.664.2148, ext. 225 to request that the form be mailed to them.  No verbal requests for duplicate W2s will be accepted.

An employee is the only person allowed to request additional copies of their W2 forms.  To ensure confidentiality, a duplicate W2 will not be faxed or emailed regardless of location or time constraints—it must be sent to the employee’s home address.  Please allow 14 days processing time after receipt of request by the payroll department.

Any additional questions should be directed to the Payroll Department at PR@Biaggis.com. 

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